Portrait: Laurie H. JacobsLaurie Jacobs studied art at Northwestern University and received her BFA degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art. She taught art at Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights, OH.

Laurie’s photographs have been incorporated into textile constructions, displayed as original images and used as the components for highly manipulated works of art. Her photography has relied upon the human figure as well as natural features of the animal and botanic worlds. All of her images have a consistent organic theme with a close focus.

She has collected a set of photographs featuring subjects found at her own residence. Among these are a realistic series of birds and animals in their domestic environment. These images emphasize focus and a readily identifiable subject with a sometimes surprising presentation of personality.

Another group of photographs presents plants and flowers with a concentration on artistic composition, line and use of space. These images are selected for their individual characteristics, not as a comprehensive study of horticultural materials or plant details.

Laurie’s most recent work has evolved into combined and manipulated images that maintain the integrity of the original materials while evoking an imaginary presentation. She invites the viewer to examine the works on two levels: the original images and the artificial. She has described her objective as challenging the observer to appreciate the visual qualities without preconceptions of scale and relativity:

“An image requires both integrity and attraction, but surprise and puzzle solving are an important element for viewer satisfaction. The onlooker not only is interested in the artist’s creative process, but becomes a participant, seeing and discovering those elements that are most appealing to that person.”

After the initial impact of what she intends to be immediate visual attraction, her images encourage close scrutiny. She concentrates on color intensity and sharp detail without distraction from the overall composition.

Laurie’s work has generated recognition in both botanic and artistic realms. She has received the highest photographic awards of the Garden Club of America, which she serves as a photography judge, and her work has been exhibited at galleries and exhibitions around the world.